Tutto è vetro

Everything is glass.

I can see it walking through the streets of Murano, looking at the colours of the houses, the flickering flames of the ovens, the smoky smell of the forges, the hands of the masters, the shapes reflected in the water. Everything is glass.

Simone Cenedese

This is how we express ourselves in Murano, through glass

For generations, Simone Cenedese’s glass factory has been one of the most prestigious. Simone belongs to the latest generation of Maestri di Murano (Murano’s glass-maker masters) and has developed a style with completely modern touches: from lighting to objects, he is always flourishing with new ideas.

The Art of Dedication

The Furnace is a whole other world. A magical place, but tough at the same time, where glass is inspiration, but also part of everyday life, a determined champion who longs to be loved. From dawn to dusk.

If glass is the thing that unites us, tell us about your design idea.

The mark of the Master

Each piece in the collections is unique, and bears the signature of the Master of the Furnace, Simone. Behind it, a world full of the master glassmakers’ ancient secrets is revealed with a quality that speaks for itself, made to illuminate spaces that are just as high-end. .