After a few glances, understanding is born

And from the understanding comes a new art.


Your ideas transformed into the best shape.

Create together with the Master, share and reflect on your creations. We collaborate with all those worlds that play with creativity: from art to design, from architecture to fashion.

Glass, a world of possibilities.

Glass has taught us that everything is possible, that everything is still up in the air. It is a new tradition that speaks the language of modernity, ideal for creating unique pieces, signed by our Furnace.
Choose the concept, the colour, the shape, and together we can transform a raw material into the most prestigious designs. Upon request, we can embellish the creations by inserting gold or silver leaf, colours with refined components or special processing.

WE DESIGN with you
WE PROTOTYPE the right combination
WE CREATE IT in a professional manner

Architecture & Design

Decorate your home with glass

A new interior aesthetic, based on minimalism and colour. If you are an architect or designer, you can tell us about your concept and vision for your end product.. We’ll take care of the rest.

Fashion & Luxury

Collectible glass

Glass becomes a fusion of different styles and one-of-akind (one-of-a-kind) objects are created. Such as the refined and exclusive collections that we can customise together for your brand.

World of Art

Beauty added to beauty

Glass is an original material, made to embrace other ideas. That’s why we collaborate with other artists who want to embellish their works with glass, influencing and inspiring one another.

Over to you, glass.

Murano glass from our furnace has travelled around the world. Browse through the creations made by Simone Cenedese, unique for his originality and refinement, now loved both in Italy and abroad.