My eyes meet the glass and i start to create

You can already see a spark.

Il Maestro


Everything is glass. You can see glimpses of life in my work, those fragments that carry an entire story with them.

It’s pure passion, visual poetry. It is a rewarding encounter with beauty, and in its reflections you can see night and day, sea and land, history and nature.

For me, glass is open-ended: every time I make new shapes and colours.

An ancient history of glass and magic.

Unlike anywhere else in the world, , Murano is a place where glass, as if by magic, has grown to become pure art. This is where I create my artworks, in the company founded by my father Giovanni in the 1970s, one of the few that owns the “Vetro Artistico® Murano” trademark, certifying that the glass is made following traditional techniques, a trademark that means everything to me.

It is here, walking through the streets of Murano, where I can see that everything is glass.

The colours of the houses, the flickering flames of the ovens, the smoky smell of the forges, the hands of the masters, the shapes reflected in the water. The authentic trademark guarantees all of this, and every time I pick up a “borsella”, the instrument used in glassblowing, it feels like I have all the power in my hands.

My style in four words


There are never enough colours.


My glass flows like water.


Glass teaches us that nothing is as it seems.


Express yourself through your own style.


For 30 years, Simone Cenedese has been making chandeliers and artistic objects in the glasswork factory bearing his name. It belongs to the youngest generation of Murano masters, who distinguish themselves for their renewed interest in bringing the glassmaking tradition to modernity.

His creative work stems from his strong personality, with an openness to external suggestions and also influenced by the artists with whom he collaborates.